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First Choice Seals has a large selection of Oil & Gas Industry products that are manufactured in all the polymer types as per the customer’s specification.

The material type is based on chemical compatibility, temperature, sealing pressure, durometer and size. These parameters will determine the correct material for the application.

Material Available for Your Application


Flange Gasket Packing to avoid leakages from air, water & inorganic chemicals. (for S-9 & S-20). Flange Gasket Packing Machinery Packing Pad, Resistance to vibration & Shock absorption.
(for S-155 & S-140).


Superior quality rubber O-Rings in different sizes by using a variety of materials to suit your requirements. Offering custom molded rubber O-Rings to your specifications. Manufactured from various materials like NBR, EPDM, SBR, silicone, fluoro-rubber and etc. Designed and manufactured as per the given specifications from the client.

Pack Off Oil Savers

The Pack off Oil Savers are known for their durability and long lasting performance. Available in various types and sizes. 


Wireline Valve Inner Seal